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Caloundra Accommodation

You might often wonder why the Sunshine Coast has some of the best beaches in Queensland! But that curiosity gets completely answered when you see the mesmerizing beauty of Caloundra. So an even better question would be what is so special and tempting about Caloundra when range of other and better beaches exist at this renowned Australian coast? Well, the answer is there are much small yet beautiful seashore cumulatively make Caloundra a preferred destination for tourists. From surfing beaches, patrolled beaches or wide expanses or flat water, there is bound to be a beach that will suit all members of the family and their respective water activities….swimming, surfing, paddling, windsurfing….perfect.

While booking for the Caloundra accommodation, you would also want to know the safety aspect at these beaches, particularly if children are to accompany you. A better aspect about the Caloundra beaches is that these wide sandy beaches are protected  by local lifeguards. Therefore, children are never at risk. Rather some select beaches such as Golden Beach and Bulcock Beach are most ideal for a family outing and comprise of a boardwalk, where you cannot wait to take a stroll with family. Besides, all other family seashores too are well up to every family’s expectation, with children enjoying the foreshore parks that line this area of Caloundra.

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